one day in Takht-e Foulad historical cemetery in Isfahan

Takht-e Foulad(Persian: تخته فولاد‎‎) is a historical cemetery in Isfahan, Iran. The cemetery is at least 800 years old.

Takht-e- Foulad as one of the oldest and most sacred cemeteries and the Islamic World,  such as spiritual space and the multiplicity of celebrities buried in it, historic and ancientness of site, a place to find roots, place for historical, cultural, artistic and sociological studies, variety of architectural styles of mausoleum and other forms of art, such as calligraphy, painting, carvings and etc.

Martyrs Cemetery in Isfahan (war Iran -Iraq)

The best days for visiting the cemetery are Thursdays and Fridays, because the most of mausoleums are open for visitors.